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story book >> MetaBronx

STARTUPS >> class of 2020

Humanizing online language learning.

Location-based deals worth dashing for.

Become the captain of your money ship.

Makes it easier to design using Revit.

Fit and try-on solutions for apparel retail.

Save money for important purchases.

STARTUPS >> class of 2018

Concourse Markets
Loan syndication.

Ziel Wear
Custom activewear manufacture.

Augmented reality surgery.

Sustainable Snacks
Superfood snacks.

Safe family airport
car seat transportation.

Method and machine
for fine rubber knitting.

STARTUPS >> class of 2016

The Glass Files
Learn History by
preserving family stories.

Access Bazaar
The wholesale to retail
B2B marketplace.

Internet for everyone.

Augmented reality print advertising.

Digital distribution ecommerce
for art and media.

Get together.


New York City
Department of Education

The largest school system
in the United States.

Riverdale Country School
Mind - Character - Community
Learning and living with purpose.
Leader in character education.

Village Capital
Reinventing the system.

Black Innovation Alliance
Together is the only way forward.

Comp Sci High
Educators empowering Bronx students
to access limitless opportunity.

ExpandED Schools
Use the power of education,
technology, and community.

Lowenstein Sandler
Pursuing every matter
with creativity and passion.

Bronx Rising Initiative
Providing and distributing critical
resources across the Bronx.

Arts and Science

We provide for over 3,000 families.

New York City Department of
Youth and Community Development

Alleviate the effects of poverty and
provide opportunities for New Yorkers.

Emory University
Goizueta Business School

Sparking passion that ignites
meaningful change.


Olin College of Engineering
Exploring innovative approaches to engineering education.

Building pathways to equity and opportunity through the arts.

Crotona International
High School (CIHS)

Media-intensive CTE education
for international students.

Bronx Academy for
Software Engineering (BASE)

Challenge-based learning
across the disciplines.

Global Accelerator
Learning Initiative

Explore and answer key questions
about enterprise acceleration.

Entrepreneurship Database Program
Data-driven insights helping
accelerators track their impact on
the entrepreneurs they support.

Longwood Preparatory Academy
Learning is done best
with a growth mindset.

Provides youth with opportunities
to play, learn, and grow.

Supports communities working on equitable and sustainable development.

Here to Here
Enhance career pathways for young people in low-income neighborhoods.

The Knowledge House
Building a diverse talent pipeline.

Mainland Media
knows The Bronx.

Roosevelt Institute
We re-imagine the rules that guide our social and economic realities.

Opportunity Nation
Ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Partnership Fund for
New York City

Leveraging top business minds for the good of New York.

Community Development Venture
Capital Alliance

Equity capital to businesses in underinvested markets.


The Concourse Group
A student-run consulting organization
that aids local entrepreneurs.

Bronx Cooperative
Development Initiative

Building the future economy of The Bronx.

the digital workflow company™

Mass Ideation
Create the future.

Lawyers Alliance for New York
Connecting lawyers, nonprofits,
and communities.